Branch Civil is an Employee Owned Company


Branch maintains an extensive network of potential firms to be considered for each project from across our market region. We regularly communicate our upcoming bid opportunities through monthly Bid List mailers and individual project faxed notices. If your firm is not currently a part of Branch’s network, we encourage you to contact us and express your interest. To make this initial contact and prequalification more expeditious, please contact Angie Overstreet for information about our prequalification forms.


Branch Builds uses an electronic payment application system called GCPay, which includes schedule of values, change orders, applications for payment, compliance, (i.e.: insurance) and lien waivers.

There is no charge for subcontractors to use the GCPay system.

Subcontractors will simply go to the GCPay website ( to upload documents. Because it is a web-based system, you will be able to access GCPay from any device available to you, including a computer, tablet or smart phone.

To begin the process of using GCPay with us, please go to the GCPay Website to register your company in the system. Click on the Get Started link at the top right of the home page. If you have questions during the registration process or need to register by phone, please call GCPay Support toll-free at (877) 447-2584 Option 1. If you already are registered in GCPay, there is no need to register again as you are already in the system and accessible to our team.

If you have any questions on how to upload documents to GCPay, please email and they will help you.


Branch Builds, Inc. makes payments to our subcontractors by paper check, ACH or virtual credit card. If you are interested in electronic payments, please call 540-982-1678 and ask for accounts payable.

A Note About ACH Fraud

Electronic payment fraud is the fastest growing fraud trend in the business sector. We all must be diligent to verify and validate requests for account information or changes to payment method. At Branch Builds, our policy is to use two-factor authentication for all electronic payment enrollments or changes. We do this by obtaining a combination of phone call, email with valid domain name, digital enrollment including EIN, and/or hi-resolution scan or original voided check/bank authorization form containing account details. Depending on the situation, we require two or three of these to complete an enrollment. We do not send or accept faxes or other requests without proper documentation. This policy applies to our payables and receivables equally.

We encourage our vendors to accept credit card payment because of the fraud protection it provides everyone involved.

If you receive correspondence that appears to be from Branch Builds, please do your due diligence to ensure it is valid and not an impersonation attempt. If you have questions, call 540-982-1678 and ask for accounts payable.