Senior Vice President Announced

We are pleased to announce the recent promotion of Vice President Cathy Underwood to Senior Vice President & Regional Business Unit Leader.

In her new role, Cathy is responsible for identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, managing the overall wellbeing of business operations in Roanoke and Charlotte, and the staffing, planning, and execution of awarded projects.

Cathy has been an employee owner for nearly 21 years and looks forward to continuing to work with us to provide exceptional services to our clients. During her time with us, Cathy led our transition from a predominantly hard bid general contractor to a construction manager skilled in CM@Risk and design-build deliveries. She also led our efforts in winning and delivering a number of our largest and most transformative projects, such as the $110 million Montgomery County PPEA design-build program.

“Cathy has consistently embodied our core values and is truly helping lead the company in delivering on our core purpose,” said President Craig Floyd. “She is a servant leader, a team player, and her character and competence are unquestionable.”

This promotion is also an acknowledgment of Cathy’s sustained high level of performance as an executive for Branch Builds. We are fortunate to have Cathy on our team. Please join us in congratulating her!