Sweet Briar College - Student Commons

Signature Campus Facility • New / Renovation Blend • Limited Site Access

Branch & Associates was selected to provide preconstruction and construction services for the new Sweet Briar Student Center, which was the main part of a multiple project package at this women’s college in Amherst, Virginia. Designed by Graham Gund Architects in Boston, the 33,000 square foot, 3-story student center includes a new dining hall, café, bookstore, post office and office space. The project also included renovating 28,000 square feet on the first floors of Dew, Reid and Meta-Glass dormitories, the addition of air conditioning in both Dew and Reid dormitories and the installation of sprinklers in Meta-Glass dormitory.

Location: Sweet Briar, VA

Architect: Graham Gund Architects

Delivery:Construction Manager at Risk