Sun Valley High School Additions/Renovations

CM@Risk • K-12 Project • Repeat Client • Multi-Phased Construction Scheduling

Branch was selected to provide our professional CM@Risk preconstruction and construction services on this $28 million improvement project for Union County Public Schools in Monroe, North Carolina. The additions and renovations will address Sun Valley High’s need for new administration/guidance space, dining area, kitchen, CTE classroom space, and enhanced school circulation. Significant renovation work will involve modernized and repurposed classroom space. The project also includes the new construction of various site amenities, including a new stadium, fieldhouse, concessions/bathrooms, athletic fields, tennis courts, bus parking lot as well as off-site road improvements.
Branch is working closely with Union County Public Schools and Little Diversified Architectural Consulting during the preconstruction phase to identify cost saving solutions to bring the project into budget. Preconstruction planning also includes the establishment of a thoughtful phasing plan to allow for safe and efficient delivery aimed at minimizing disruption and ensuring an unobtrusive presence to allow all school activities to proceed unimpeded.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Owner: Union County Public Schools

Architect: Little Diversified

Size: New Additions: 41,851sf | Renovations: 52,224 sf


Note: Work in Progress