Shockoe Valley View II


The Shockoe Valley Apartment project is a contemporary multi-family building located in Richmond Virginia’s most historic neighborhood, Church Hill. The project is a 4-story, 86 unit wood-framed building. Distinct features include integral colored concrete and bamboo floors, brick, metal, and cement board siding, a bocce court, and skylights. The project also includes a roof deck that offers impressive views of the Shockoe Valley and downtown Richmond.

The project is underwritten by the Virginia Housing Development and Authority, which presents challenges and opportunities for the construction team. Branch has carefully planned ahead and coordinated subcontractors to meet a variety of VHDA requirements including unusual billing guidelines, material specifications, and ADA accessibility. For example, there are twenty-eight unique concrete slab heights on the first floor to meet the project’s accessibility constraints.

A tight construction schedule has required Branch to use an innovative scheduling approach called “batching.” By choosing to batch, or divide, the building into smaller parts, the construction team has been able to shave several weeks off the schedule and meet an aggressive substantial completion date.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Owner: Genesis Home Manager, LLC

Architect: Walter Parks Architect

Size: 69,000sf