Rockbridge County Courthouse

Signature Community Facility • Parking Structure • Constrained Urban Site • Historic Location

The Rockbridge County Courthouse project consisted of a new building and parking deck structure located on the corner of Nelson Street and Randolph Street. The project combined the three courts, clerks, and associated court functions into one centralized facility. The project also consisted of a 145-space parking deck which includes a secure parking area for the court staff and judges. This 62,000 square foot steel frame courthouse building and attached 3-story precast concrete parking structure is located on a boxed-in site at a main intersection in historic Downtown Lexington and required extensive site logistics planning. The exterior of both building components is clad in native stone, brick, and architectural precast to blend in to the historic 19th century surroundings. The interior of the courthouse is fully modernized and hosts all of the data, communications, and security features typical of a 21st century courthouse complex.

Location: Lexington, VA

Owner: County of Rockbridge


Size: 62,000sf


General Contracting