Carilion Clinic - Crystal Spring MOB & Parking Deck

State-of-the-Art Medical Office • Parking Structure • Strategic Site Logistics Planning • Signature Healthcare Facility

The construction of the new Crystal Spring Medical Center included the 78,300sf medical office building and a 5-story precast parking deck. The building consists of a structural steel frame with concrete floors, masonry, precast and curtain wall systems. This striking state-of-the-art medical facility is located in a community of medical care facilities on the campus of Carilion Clinic’s Roanoke, Virginia medical center adjacent to the landmark Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. This site, surrounded on all sides by highly active city streets, required critical coordination of traffic flow and careful pedestrian safety measures. Due to the site limitations, Branch sequenced and coordinated the project to ensure on time deliveries during less peak travel times.

Location: Roanoke, VA


Size: 78,300sf & 5-Story


General Contracting