Cabarrus County HS & MS Improvements

The new school will accommodate 1,600 students in grades 9-12, with a core capacity of 1,850 students. Currently, the school will have a 3-story classroom building, a 720 seat auditorium, a 1,280 seat spectator gym, and a 150 seat auxiliary gym along with other typical program spaces. CTE labs will include: Aerospace, Logistics/Transportation, Drafting, Construction Trades and possibly an Avionics lab. To be more efficient with space and classroom utilization, teacher office/workrooms will be provided so that regular type classrooms can be used by other classes while other teachers are in their planning periods. Additionally, a large group learning space will be provided via a “Stairatorium” and small group spaces will be sprinkled about the classroom building. Dining will be mostly informal and mixed in with large circulation spaces with distributed serving options and locations.
A football stadium, track and field events, concessions/restroom building, field house, baseball/softball fields and associated storage/restroom building, (6) tennis courts and associated restroom building, (1) band field and (4) practice fields will be provided.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Owner: Cabarrus County Schools

Architect: LS3P Associates, LTD.

Size: 264,054


Note: Work in Progress