Getting to Know Branch Builds with Company President Craig Floyd

Craig FloydBranch Builds has provided professional construction management services for more than 55 years and been a part of truly transformational projects. We also are committed to intangible values, such as transparency and trust, and building high performance teams.

To provide a better sense of what Branch Builds is all about, we decided to chat with Craig Floyd, President of Branch Builds.

What are the Core Values of Branch Builds? What do they mean to you?

Craig: Our Core Values are relationships, exceptionalism, ownership, and to enjoy the ride.

Many businesses talk about relationships. At Branch Builds, we know real relationships are sustained by mutual benefit and respect. Whether its our relationship with a client, design partner or trade partner, we stress the important distinction of both parties benefiting from the relationship.

We value exceptionalism, because we don’t believe in just meeting expectations. We want to exceed them.  We strive for FMOB – first, most, only, and best.

Ownership is a nod to both our ownership structure and our culture of accountability. We believe in ownership in everything we do not just because we offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, but also because Branch employees hold themselves and the project team accountable in professional and constructive ways.

Having fun is extremely important at Branch Builds. Community, or living life together, is the secret sauce for high performance teams.  It’s what differentiates exceptional teams from good teams.  We are intentional about having fun and building community.

Why are high performance teams so crucial? Why should someone want to join the Branch Builds team?

Craig: High performance teams start with the understanding of the talent, skills, and community that are essential for that team. When team building is done with clarity, high performance teams are created and will deliver exceptional results. This approach doesn’t just benefit our clients and other project stakeholders. Better built teams that have team building down to a science offer an enhanced experience to anyone who joins Branch Builds as well.

How is Branch Builds adopting lean construction strategies?

Craig: We began experimenting with lean planning and construction about six years ago. There is no one standardized practice for lean construction, so we set an exploration period of at least five years to see what worked for Branch Builds and our external partners. We allowed our teams to tailor how they utilized lean to each project.  Over that time, Branch Builds’ teams self-adopted the practice.

We have now reached a point where we are evaluating best practices, so we can standardize our lean planning system.  Reinforcing our commitment to lean, we have created a Lean Program Manager role to provide lean training and support to all Branch Builds teams.

How is Branch building legacies for a thriving future with its projects?

Craig: We approach each project with the same question: Does it fit our Hedgehog?  The Hedgehog Concept from the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins advocates that great companies only do things that fall in the intersection of three circles: 1) what you are deeply passionate about, 2) what you can be the best in the world at, and 3) what best drives your economic or resource engine.  Branch is deeply passionate about projects with an enduring positive impact on a community, whether its uplifting a neighborhood or attracting more students.

What’s in store for Branch Builds in the future?

Craig: We’re a much bigger, more diverse, and capable firm than we have ever been before, but we’re just getting started.  Driven by goals of our parent company, Branch Group, we have embarked on a journey of ambitious and transformational growth.  This growth will create tremendous opportunity for our team members, current and future. The future is truly bright at Branch!

By grounding our success in our core purpose, core values, and high performance teams Branch Builds is poised to thrive!